Sunday, July 20, 2008

Songs Dark Meat Should Consider Covering - Vol. 2

Steview Wonder - 'Superstition'

If you're looking for a reason to head out to SixFlags this summer, look no further than their American Music Awards rewind show taking place in one of the dark, air-conditioned auditoriums. If you like your history of music award show performers reduced to a series of 10-second clips--my heart broke when they cut off Prince in the middle of 'Purple Rain'--then this is the show for you. Featured performers include Mariah Carey, Britney Spears. Michael Jackson, and this guy.

The clip's from Sesame Street by the way, so even if you know the song backwards & forwards it's still worth a look.

Why this song for the Meat? Well aside from the horns, etc., it's got the same kind of war-watching dystopian hangover that the best Meat songs strive towards. Also, it might break them out of that white-boy up/down rhythm they're so prone to and help them learn how to swing.

I haven't found a song yet that might teach them how to sing. But the next time I'm over at Jim's house I'm going to hide all of his Mudhoney records, and the next time I'm over at any of those girls' houses I'm going to hide all of their yodeling records. They must have some seriously extensive yodel collections. It's the only explanation.

Incidentally, the guy who posted the youtube clip calls this the "ultimate feel-good song". Only if you don't listen to the words my friend, only if you don't listen to the words.

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